fascinating history of Corset Tops

While Netflix’s historical drama Bridgerton, based on Julia Quinn’s novels, was a hit thanks to its light but compelling love story and strong female characters (oh, for a snarkfest girlfriend like Eloise), it remained a topic of conversation thanks to its fashion: puff sleeves, pearls, pastels, and of course the powerful corset. It seems that there is an argument in favor of clothes that evokes grace, romance and the promise of more civilized times. Regencycore, as it is called, is in great demand in 2021.

While any top with chest details has been coveted lately, says Ann L., who runs the vintage-inspired clothing boutique Ann.Ti on Instagram operates that everyone is looking for a corset.

“[Corsets] are a bestseller,” she says, noting an increased interest in stock availability and an influx of questions about cutting her 140,000 subscribers.

“You are the symbol of a woman,” she explains. “Today, many designers are turning them into fun and fashionable statement pieces. I hope that this is not just a trend, but that more people will appreciate you and interest in your story will grow.”

Corsets have a fascinating history that you may know, and although there is no consensus that they have done more good than evil in the past, they have shaped the world of underclothes—a world that many women find challenging today.

The first modern bra was a corset cut in two by a clever debutante in a dead end, and remnants of the corset, such as boning, can still be found in most bras. The essentials that can be found in the Hallowed halls of richness underclothes brands such as la Perla or Fleur du Mal would not exist without corsets.

Fortunately, the now’s corset-inspired corsets and “corset tops” offer a chic, streamlined shape while evoking the romance of the past and allowing wearers to breathe freely. How far we have gone.

Come 10 highly wearable corset tops to keep you up to date with.

Alexander McQueen Corset Top Black
If you are ready to try on a corset, but are not fully sold at Regencycore, the offer from Alexander McQueen is a good balance. It’s carved on the torso and boneless, but simple enough to go through as a well-built tank top.

Alexander McQueen Corset Top With Sweetheart Neckline

The second McQueen entry on our list features a sweetheart neckline that can help balance the overall figure.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini cotton poplin corset
This classic cotton corset can be tied over a simple shirt dress à la Gigi Hadid or put over a puffy dress if you want to lean on romance. Its simplicity leaves you room for leaps and bounds, but it’s also portable if you’d rather keep your look grounded.