Favorite Clear Lip Glosses That Accomplish Beyond Sparkle

Transparent lip gloss has a moment. Along with butterfly clips, silk scarves and other early fashion and beauty trends, liquid varnishes ride the Y2K wave. A brush stroke takes us back to the time when sticky formulas got into our hair after a single gust of wind. But forget what you know about these nostalgic products. The clear lip gloss has had a great shine since then.

Today’s glosses are just as easy to use as the more traditional, easy-care lip products. Many of them now even offer high-gloss surfaces with health-promoting ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, etc. versatile and fashionable, clear lip glosses not only improve the natural shade of your pout when worn alone, but can also change the matte lipstick finish and achieve a plumping effect when worn on a lipstick. And unlike lip balms and lip oils, lip glosses last longer. Take a look in advance at our favorite clear lip glosses that do more than just shine.

Fenty Beauty Gloss blow up Universal LIP Illuminator
Inspired by Cinderella’s glass slipper, this best-selling clear lip gloss from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is the perfect product if you want a dose of megawatt shine. The non-sticky formula is enriched with shea butter to revitalize and moisturize your lips without gluing them together. With a huge crowbar applicator, you can easily coat your pout in one fell swoop. A bonus: its peach-vanilla scent is an absolute delight.

Lawless Forget about the filling Luscious Lip Gloss

Designed to mimic the effect of the injectable lip filler, this plumping gloss from the beauty brand clean Lawless will leave your pout plump and soft as a pillow. Lawless’ version of Lip plumper has a clinically proven oil-gloss technology to plump up the lips while leaving a serious shine. Unlike traditional plumpers, Lawless’s formula does not contain any sparkling ingredients; instead, it contains a nourishing blend of their proprietary MAXI-LIP blend, shea butter and rosehip oil. Do not be fooled by the light pink color. The gloss can be applied seamlessly in one pass from its curved crowbar applicator.

Glossy lip gloss

This fluffy glass-like formula from the minimalist make-up brand Glossier offers a shiny but light shine. The moisturizing product is filled with nourishing vitamin E and revitalizing jojoba oil to moisturize the lips and at the same time achieve a juicy effect. Thanks to the brand’s gloss-lock technology, which helps to connect the formula to your lips, it stays in place all day long.

Mac Clear Lipglass
When it comes to shine, MAC Lipglass comes first. This clear product has been one of our favorite formulas since the beginning of lip gloss and gives unbeatable shine. The slightly sticky gloss is packed in a convenient squeeze tube and contains jojoba oil to soften and nourish the lips. Apply it on eyes and cheeks for a glass skin effect.