GTA V Mobile Casino Penthouse and Playing Card Collectibles

GTA V Mobile Casino Penthouse and Playing Card Collectibles

The Casino update for GTA V has been officially released back in July, 23, 2019. You can download and start playing the update if you are on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. Buy the Penthouse and start collecting those Playing Cards.

Casino Penthouse

The First thing you should have done when you first downloaded the update was to link your Twitch Prime account to your Rockstar Social Club since you could’ve gotten the Penthouse for free. It was only available for a limited time though, so I’m sorry if you weren’t able to get one for free.

The Master Penthouse in GTA Online can be found beside the Roof Terrace at the very top of the Diamond Casino & Resort. The Penthouse comes with an infinity pool and a stunning view of the city. Being an owner of the Penthouse also entitles you to a Casino VIP Membership, granting you special access to various services such as Valet, Limousine, and Champagne. You also have special access to an aircraft landing zone, High stakes tables, and VIP Lounges.

Aside from the furniture that comes with the Penthouse once you buy it, you can also further customize it if you want to. You can change the floorplans, add a Spa, personal stylist, Bar and Party area, Media Room, and a massive parking garage that can hold 10 cars. You wouldn’t be living the life if you didn’t have 10 cars.

You would also unlock some new missions that you can do. These missions involves helping out Tao Cheng, the owner of the Diamond Casino & Resort, and the Diamond staff, protect their business from people wanting to get a piece of the new Diamond Casino.

Collectible Playing Cards

There are a total of 54 playing cards scattered around in Los Santos for you to collect. Each representing a card from a standard deck plus 2 Jokers. Though there are quite a number to collect, most can be found near from each other making it easier for you to locate and collect them all.

If you do happen to collect and track down all of these playing cards, you’ll earn quite a few rewards. You will earn RP and casino chips for each on you find, this is a great way to earn a few thousand chips if you don’t want to buy any. You’ll get 100 chips per card until the fifth card you find and then it increased by 50 chips for every succeeding one. Up to 2550 chips for the last and final card. If you sum it all up, you can get a total of 66,650 casino chips. Aside from casino chips and RP, you will also unlock the High Roller Outfit, a unique set of cards for your Penthouse suite dealer, and a special item for Red Dead Online, another Rockstar Games online game available to play.

The new casino update for GTA Online is out and available for everyone on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, GTA V and GTA V Online are only available on PC and consoles as of the moment. There has been no word from Rockstar Games yet about the release or development of a GTA V version for mobile. You can still install and play other GTA games created by Rockstar Games as well, such as Liberty Stories, San Andreas, and Vice City while you wait for the announcement of GTA V mobile.