High-Style Sportswear style of the season

High-end sportswear may seem like a new trend, but it is deeply rooted in the history of American fashion. Popularized in the 1930s by innovative designers such as Claire McCardell, casual Performance pieces were created to allow freedom of movement for a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Sportswear has exploded in recent years, covering a variety of categories, from workout gear to sophisticated looks for Tennis, Golf and days on the road.

For a chic shopping session

It has already been said and we will repeat it again: shopping is a Sport. A winning outfit, such as the Polo and Golf Skirt with Performance print from Tory Sport, is essential for running errands comfortably and in style. We love the Vintage floral print of this set, which combines a movement-friendly fabric with polished details for a fun retro look. Take this ensemble to the next level with a luxurious cashmere sweater and a timeless handle bag.

From Golf to green juice

You don’t have to be a golf professional to hit a hole-in-one with this high-end look. but it might just inspire you to work on your swing. Pair Tory Sport’s sleeveless polo shirt and twill skirt with the lightweight Howell Golf Sneaker for an outfit sure to garner compliments at the Country Club and beyond. (Earn extra style points by putting a sophisticated merino wool sweater around your shoulders.) After your turn in the field, have a refreshing juice with the Lee Radziwill double bag from Tory Burch — the elegant silhouette and the creamy leather will instantly enhance your Look.

Serve the style on the square

Calling all tennis fans: This is the set you’ve been waiting for. The classic white polo shirt and the wrap—around twill tennis skirt from Tory Sport are a heavenly combination – both are made of a breathable quick-drying fabric and subtle green details for a pop of color. Serve up the style on the park with the Stripe Tennis Convertible Tote, a practical carrying bag that can easily store your racket in a removable bag. Finally, the comfortable Hank sneakers from Tory Sport make it easy for you to feel on your feet when you overcome the competition.