Originator Brands That Our Closets Love Through Fall Months

Just as some actors thrive in certain Genres, some designer brands are particularly adapted to a particular fashion season. For the summer, we are attracted by brands like Jacquemus, Loewe and Staud, their Bastfabriken and nautical-themed pieces that accompany us on trips to Nantucket, Curaçao and everywhere in between. As the summer is coming to an end and the September cold is coming, our requirements are naturally changing; we are looking for comfortable, classic designers with a different Palette. Enter: Autumn fashion brands.

1. Nanushka
Founded in 2005 by Sandra Sandor, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, the Hungarian brand is based on the belief that functionality, beauty and storytelling can coexist. Anecdote: the brand is named after Sador’s childhood nickname invented by his father. With her wide range of faux leather clothes (a brand signature) and minimalist basics that you can effortlessly pair with your wardrobe, it’s no wonder Nanushka has been worn by everyone from Hailey Bieber to Selena Gomez.

2. Isabel Marant
At Isabel Marant, sophistication meets bohemia. The French designer founded her brand in 1994 and redefined modern women’s wardrobes with her ready-to-wear dresses and unique shoes (Yes, we are talking about the Wedge Sneaker) that have become popular products for the autumn season. We have our eyes on Marant’s knee-high suede boots, which, with their earthy colors and western details, go perfectly with dark faded jeans and oversized blazers.

3. Proenza Schuller

Proenza Schouler is not exactly a name that comes out of the tongue, but it quickly became a name to remember. Proenza Schouler, a combination of the mother’s maiden names of the senior designers, was born from a common passion for Design and a desire to make clothes for today’s smart urban woman.

4. Wales Bonner
Are you looking for a sporty couture with a Caribbean touch this fall? Grace Wales Bonner is the Label for you. Since entering the fashion scene in 2014, Bonner has quickly become one of the most famous British designers. By combining black literature and postcolonial theory in their works, Bonner’s collections show more than clothes – they are topics of conversation and unpack the notions of race and gender. Bonner’s collaborations with brands such as Dior and adidas, where she interprets classic pieces such as the Samba Sneaker, have proven her unique design touch and her commercial character (her products are known to sell out quickly). For fall, we will be wearing knitted vests and dresses from Bonner that work as perfect everyday pieces.

5. Christopher John Rogers

At this point, it’s Christopher John Rogers’ world and we’re just living it. The New York native has dominated the fashion scene for years with his distinctive colors and uncompromising approach to glamor. Her designs have been worn by megawatt fashion icons such as Michelle Obama, Elaine Welteroth and Eva Chen. What we like most about his approach, especially for fall, is that Rogers doesn’t opt for his standard muted color palette. Instead, her collection of bright colors brings much-needed optimism to our fall outfits.