The Hardest Mobs of Minecraft

The Hardest Mobs of Minecraft

While some mobs in Minecraft are simple to deal with, the toughest ones can easily nail you down with the blink of your eye.  

 You are going to find many mobs in the Minecraft world, a few of which are simple to handle. But the other ones can take a toll on you. So, here are some of the mobs you can find in Minecraft. We are here to offer you some tips so that your next encounter becomes less threatening. Just grab some food, your weapons, and armor to become a part of an excellent and interesting fight.  


Spider Jockey 

A spider jockey is always ready to fight in Minecraft. You will find 3 different variants of this mob in the game. The first one is the regular skeleton who rides on a spider, the second one is the Wither skeleton who rides on a regular spider, and the third one is the regular skeleton who rides on a cave spider. All the variants look quite different, but it is hard based on which one you kill first. Both the spider and the skeleton are different entities, so which one of them you kill first will dictate how your fight would be later on. You should try to kill the skeleton first, irrespective of the combination.  




The blaze has a quite raging personality like fire. They can be found close to the spawners in the Nether Fortresses. These are hostile to the players when they are within range. Blazes will shoot the fireballs to attack the players in attempts to handle a huge amount of damages in an instant way. These flying mobs will fly higher while attacking the player. The fireballs that are shot by the Blazes can catch fire upon impact to any block. You can take the assistance of a Fire Resistance Potion to take down the Blazes. Try to attack them when they aren’t attacking you.  



These mobs are tall mobs who won’t attack you directly until you initiate. Endermen spawn both in the End and the overworld naturally. A player in Minecraft can initiate combat with Endermen in many ways. Staring at Endermen is the simplest among them. In case you’re caught staring at them, they will try to follow you immediately. Keep your focus on your enemy and handle damages in a swift and fast way. If the Endermen is teleporting too much around you, you might lose track, therefore, you need to remain aware always.  


Charged Creepers  


These mobs have a quite shocking personality. Once they get struck by lightning, they get charged. Once charged, their explosions are nearly twice as much intense as before. While the method to kill Charged Creepers is almost the same as killing regular creepers, this one makes a cut since it delivers the worst outcome if it becomes the victor. Stay aware of the location of Charged Creepers as they can kill you literally in just one attack even when you have full health but are snuck up at the wrong place and time.  


Iron Golem  

Although this helpful guy is friendly enough he will not have a second thought about turning you on if he feels a bit threatened. They have a lot of health, up to 50 full hearts, one of the topmost health pools in this game. Don’t hit them ever. Until you don’t try to hit them, they will serve to save the villagers by battling against the hostile mobs that may otherwise cause huge destruction.