These Leggings Outfits will Speak It Fluently with comfort

Leggings are the unsung heroes of casual wear. First steam in the 80s through training videos (Jazzercize, anyone?) and after resurfacing over the last decade, people don’t seem to be putting the stretchy pants to rest. This is partly thanks to the impeccable comfort of the Leggings, but there is also an element of style. Let’s put it this way: Chanel and Saint Laurent would not send them en masse to the catwalks if they did not exist.

Neutral in the shade and forgiving in the cut, Leggings serve as the ultimate base for any elegant outfit. Just let the Stars of today’s street style do the talking. French it Girls Camille Charierre and Leia Sfez love a Cocktail of Leggings, knitwear and boots for all their tasks. Meanwhile, East Coast riders Charlotte Groeneveld and Maria Alia Al-sadek pair them with down jackets and chunky sneakers for mixed days.

1. Trench Coat And Rubber Boots
For stormy days in Paris, Sfez’s legging outfit includes a trench coat with just the right amount of down, a comfortable cashmere sweater and high boots. Of course, no Set is complete without the right handbag, in this case, Moncler Genius and the quilted leather bag from JW Anderson.

2. shiny pads and thick sneakers

Presents the ultimate look for a rainy weekend parkesy of model influencer Maria Alia Al-sadek. When traveling between home, subway platforms and grocery stores, you need a stylish outfit that will take you to the city and keep you dry. For the occasion, Al-sadek paired her Leggings with an ink-colored puffy coat, sneakers and a trusty backpack.

3. Button-down Sweater And Micro-pocket
Blogger Camille Charierre has cemented a discreet lounge look that is easy to accessorize in no time. Start with a sweater and Leggings and tie on high boots and a micro-bag. If you can score a sweater with material, such as Derek Lam 10 Crosby’s golden button-down knit, that’s even better. It allows you to synchronize your top with the material of your handbag. In other words? No one will be able to say that you enjoyed the whole day on the couch.

4. Leggings With Stirrups And Mules For Kittens

Then: Leggings with a touch of haute couture. Editor and influencer Lauren Caruso combines her stirrup leggings with a pair of kitten mules for a dynamic look below the Waist. On top, it’s all about the layers. Opt for a leather trench coat — ideally an oversized trench coat so that a Blazer fits underneath —and don’t forget your shoulder bag.

5. Quilted Coat And Handle Bag
For the first few days above 60 degrees where it feels like spring (you will arrive soon enough), take a page from Charlotte Groeneveld’s book and dust off your duvet coat. Paired with leggings, the transeasonal outerwear gives the impression that you haven’t left your bed. Add a touch of sophistication to the casual leggings outfit with a handle bag.