These Major Fall Trends will be in highlight

In the summer, skin care and makeup take the same inevitable path as our wardrobes – you get a simplification that ends up looking quite effortless and naked due to the oppressive temperatures. Come autumn, however, and the desire for fiery layers, bright makeup looks and bright tones returns with force. The external elements allow more experimentation without the peril of fusion.

How to get that glass skin Look
Barely-there makeup has been a mainstay over the past two seasons, but the latest glass skin phenomenon has taken off in a way we’ve never seen before. Originally from Korea, it is a fanciful name for exceptionally moist, seemingly transparent and pore-free skin. And although it sounds like a happy combination of good genetics, in fact it all depends on the products used. Hydration is essential, with a serum-based makeup that penetrates easily into the skin. Clinique’s formula is infused with ultra-moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, while Beekman 1802 Eye Serum offers a fluffy foundation in a lightweight formula.

How to add a living eye
The opposite of a subtle gloss is a keen eye, with brands like Capasa Milano, Laquan Smith and Gabriela Hearst leading the way. This season there is a huge variety of bright color statements — is it possible That Euphoria was the pioneer? In Paris, we saw jewel tones and Fuschia wings. And in New York, steamed pastels were abundant. On Tiktok, Makeup Fans flocked to Prism Eyes—an eye-catching look invented by makeup artist Naezrah, whose videos attract millions of observers. The must for any bright look is, of course, the Palette. Ace Beauty’s comes with a rainbow stock, from extreme purple to sunny yellow. For those who prefer a muted Palette, opt for Smashbox’s Barista or Guava tones in a creamy formula.

How to master all the pumpkin seasoning
The Orange or Saffron color adjacent to the runway, of course, reminds us of all the beautiful shades of autumn foliage. As a result, the month was filled to the brim with orange catches, from orange silky ensembles and trouser tops at Eudon Choi to a puffy Issey Miyake number through the head-to-boat Ensembles spotted at Men’s Fashion Week. Beauty brands are following suit – with zesty sunset palettes from Too Faced and creamy buildable lipsticks from Mac.

How to peck a bright lip

This season we welcome the high gloss of an extra shiny pout. It’s just – with the resurgence of all things early in the morning. (Think of the city bags and the aesthetics of the party.) While a matte lip will always be at hand after the end of summer, glossy lips will be embraced all year round. The new glosses not only cover the lips, they nourish them. Just look at Korres Lip Plumping Oil — a moisturizing treatment that offers a busty boost.